Nobody can save the world on their own - But together we are able to make a difference for our beautiful planet Nobody can save the world on their own - But together we are able to make a difference for our beautiful planet
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Nobody can save the world on their own – But together we are able to make a difference for our beautiful planet

The only constant in the world is change. Who you are now is not who you were last year, last week, yesterday or even a minute ago. Life never stands still, no matter what we do in order to stop the change.

Change is inevitable. It is the very nature of existence. Our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs, our physical bodies, even our relationships are as changeable as the Danish weather or as night and day.

Our world is as well undergoing a journey of change, a journey of transformation. We as a global community has prospered and benefited from the incredible innovations that has happened since the industrial revolution began some 250 years ago. But now, we have come to the uncomfortable realisation that we cannot continue to do things the way we have done it. Not if we wish future generations to experience all the beauty that this world has to offer. We need to make fundamental changes to the way we behave – as individuals, as communities and as businesses. At able, we believe this is a challenge bigger than ourselves. So one might ask the question, why change ourselves if it won’t matter in the bigger picture?

We as a company are deeply inspired by the great change makers that has walked this Earth. The people that has been authentic to the true calling of their soul and that had the bravery to follow through on it. From these pioneers, we have found answers to the greatest questions of life such as the one we are asking. Amongst one of these forerunners for the evolution of humanity, one especially are deeply inspiring us here at able. Mahatma Gandhi famously said Be the change you want to see in the world, and that is serving as a true guiding light for us. And that is why we are changing our name to able. To daily remind ourselves, and everyone we meet, that we are all able to play our part. That we can all be part of the solution rather than a part of the problem in this beautiful world that we share. 

We truly believe that no matter who you are, as an individual or as a company, you are able to make a change and be a source of inspiration for others to leave things better than you found them.

Our mission is simple:

To create meaningful moments for people, business and planet.

We invite every one of our partners – customers, kitchens, drivers and beyond – to join our journey as active participants in being a force of good for people, business and planet. You can engage and support our mission by sharing thoughts, ideas and feedback with your able®-representative as we believe we don’t have all the greatest ideas but that they will unfold in the interactions with our fellow allies on the path towards creating a positive change in the world.

As any endeavour in life, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and this specific journey has no ending as we believe we always can do more in creating positive change in the world. Therefore, we hope for our partners’ patience as it is indeed an ambitious endeavour we have embarked upon. However, we are excited to have come to the awakening of our true purpose and to take the first steps on this journey together with all of our partners.

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