Here’s an example of our onboarding process at able®

  1. Explore Go on an adventure and explore our many wonderful kitchen offerings!
  2. Select Choose one or more kitchens. We take care of the practicalities and send you a non-binding offer on your chosen kitchens.
  3. Enjoy Enjoy your new catered lunch together with your coworkers
  4. Adjust Adjust the number of dining coworkers from day to day, or swap kitchens on a monthly cycle completely free

Frequently asked questions

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able® is a conscious and flavourful lunch scheme

To many, the lunch break is the highlight of the day. When hunger sets in, it’s important to us that the meals we serve help in sparking happiness and creating a feeling of togetherness throughout the lunch area of your company.

We won’t tell you what to eat, but we’d love to point you in a direction that makes a difference for the environment and the people through the food that you eat.

Our mission is to deliver a lunch experience that is good for more than just the tummy. It’s a challenge that is larger than ourselves. Therefore we’d like to invite you to join us on the journey towards a greener future. There’s already a trend out there that grows and evolves. We want to help it grow even larger.

Our many kitchen partners make it possible to choose organic food, local produce and plant-based food as a part of your lunch arrangement. We also focus on reducing food waste and the use of plastics.

Change doesn’t happen in one day, but one step at a time, plate for plate, bite for bite.